How much do you know about OnPage SEO Technique?

Are you Aware of OnPage SEO Technique Which can make your Blog Post Rank High on Google?

SEO –  A term definitely known to every blogger, a content writer or anyone who writes online. SEO basically stands for search engine optimization. And why am I telling you about this?

Well! Whatever you writes a just a waste online if you that thing is not optimized, SEO helps us to allow our content to rank on first page of google. And everybody knows why this is important to rank on first page. So, if you want to know more about this then read my previous post.

So, Now you must be well aware and want to drive more traffic to your blog? Would you like to make it more easier for search engines to find your content?

If ‘Yes’ then today you’re going to learn something precious for life line of your blog. Today we are going to learn the secrets of making you articles keyword targeted.

In SEO, there are basically two types of optimization occurs:

  1. OnPage SEO Technique
  2. OffPage SEO Technique

Today’s Whole article will be on OnPage SEO Technique tutorial. Here Now I’m going to share lots of Onpage SEO Techniques which you should have to do for making your blog post visible on first page in google rankings.

What we are going to Learn Today:

  • Need of OnPage SEO Technique
  • Wrong things which you’ve done till now
  • Some Non-Technical things Important to do
  • 10 OnPage SEO Techniques
  • OnPage SEO CheckList
  • Conclusion

Now, I will let you one more thing that is Onsite SEO – It refers basically to the kind of optimization of the entire website with permalinks setting and sitemap settings.

While OnPage SEO refers to the optimization of content for a target keyword or focus keyword within that single blog post you’re writing. This could be having proper titles, Long tail focused keywords, quality content and also many more.

Why do we need OnPage SEO Technique?

Have you heard about this term – ‘SEO optimized articles’. These are the articles basically which appears on the front page of the google search ranking.

This is what you need! Yea! Then this is where you’re on the right place.

Google Search Engines have a set of algorithms. They search and look in every sort of place in the article where could be the match found for targeted keywords in the search.

I know whether or not you might be reading my post just to know OnPage Optimization or to getting your website to the top of google.

Well, If this is the possible reason then my friend, First i want to tell you that there are no simple tricks or tips to get to the top of google for free. But By these Onpage SEO Techniques, I’m sure you will be getting the good results.

What wrong things you’ve done till now?

Here i’m gonna tell you about what every person do in starting when he/she is just a beginner and know nothing about SEO.

There could be a lot of reasons why you couldn’t be on the top, and this is probably your biggest mistake.

Now, Google Search Engine doesn’t only consider Onpage SEO Technique score, It also takes many factors like Sharing your blog posts in Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.), Backlinking, Domain Authority and many others also.

We are going to make Our posts optimized So that Google take it as natural and put it on the first page in search engines rankings.

As the keyword Research is main topic and its required for sure to be known for every blogger before writing a content. You know first how to find our targeted focus keyword.

Check out these Posts:

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Also, you should start adding some videos to your blog posts which will make the post more easier to understand.

Before We learn some cool Onpage SEO techniques, I want you to look at some non-technical things also:

  1. Improve User Experience: You have to very much sure about this thing that your website is responsive on both platforms i.e Mobile as well as Desktop. Broken links should not be there, If any try to figure out with it.
  2. Create a Good Quality Content: Don’t write short and fluffy stuff, Take feedback and improve that.
  3. Ensure Readers spent sufficient amount of time on your site: Make people stick around, Make proper standard of professional blog.

You can watch Our Video Tutorial if you don’t want to read in more detail. This will save your time.

Top 10 OnPage SEO Techniques Which will help you rank of First page of Google Search

Hold Your back and read out each and every technique.

1. Blog Post Title

Everything is good but if your Blog Post title is not highly Onpage SEO Technique Optimized, then what is the matter to write whole that content. Right?

Actually, this is the most important one because the more attractive and more optimized your title is, the more people will be going to click on it, and in case of google more clicks on a post more it will be increasing post rankings.

If you have installed Yoast SEO Plugin which is the best in the market to check whether your post is SEO optimized or not.

Maximum limit of SEO Optimized title is 65 Characters. And Remember this thing that you should not have to repeat same keywords more than once in a title. Make the Post title in ‘H1’ or phrase it in beginning of post and try to add your focus or targeted keyword in this heading or title. Make sure Focus Keyword somewhere arises in the title of the blog post.

2. Heading Tags

Don’t you ever try to stick in one heading tag. WordPress provide it to you use them in blog post. :p

Just joking! But actually it’s necessary Google looks out more headings where ever it finds out the heading, It shows the results in google ranking.

Google Checks and looks out for everything, When it founds the heading or the highlighted stuff, It shows it own its search.

Use Headings in a proper order Like first use in title with H1 tag and for the next sections stick to only two h2 and h3 that is sufficient.

Look What Google Webmaster Expert says:

3. Post Permalink Structure

Make sure your URL should be having your focused keyword, this is very much important for OnPage SEO Technique or optimization.

Try to avoid special characters, brackets, commas, symbols etc within that URL. In Yoast SEO section, This is known to be as a slug section. So write according to it.

Your Link should be like this:

4. Meta Description

You need to add a relevant and also the one unique meta description on your each blog post. Meta Description plays a main key role in Onpage SEO Technique.

This is required because when somebody searches something on google, a short summary is written out there known to be as meta description. In this you have to write your focused keyword and try to convince person why he/she should come to your site and read you blog post.

Use Keyword which are focused in your content in this area. This could be maximum 150 characters long as far as the Yoast SEO plugin is considered.

5. Keyword Density

Now, when we are here talking about content how can we forget about Keyword Density, According to the SEO plugin by Yoast the keyword density should be 1.5% with a mix of LSI keywords.

Focus Keyword Density mentioned above should be in the whole article including in the first and last paragraph of your blog posts. For onpage SEO Technique this is very much important.

One thing i must say that if you are doing you keyword density in right way then i’m surely saying to you that you’re rank on google first page guaranteed.

Here is What Google Webmaster Experts Says:

6. Word Count Of Single Post

When we started writing, people think first what should be to write and some people starts not even thinking before what actually we have to write. This also comes Under Onpage SEO Technique.

Blog Posts that don’t have a right amount of content length, they generally lag behind in searches because Google take it as less informative.

Maximum Recommended Word Count for blog post is 300-400 Words per post according Yoast SEO Plugin after that it can exceed upto how much you can write on that topic.

It’s always better to be well researched on that topic before you start writing. This is true if you’re targeting highly competitive keywords. Google that topic analyze other posts then start writing.

While there is no standard post word limit, It’s up to you how much you can write. Longer you write better you’re going to rank. Also be careful not to over do your posts.

7. Optimized Images

Image searching is something we all have done on google just type what you want from it hit search and you will find a large amount images in front of you.

You know from where these images are being searched from?

These images are taken from every website or blog present on the internet. Images also indexed with google. Hence, we want now our images are also optimized and indexed with google.

Through images we get a huge amount of traffic on our website. But More Important now is how we can optimize them also.

First of all We have to Add ‘Alt Text‘, ‘Title text‘ (Mostly Targeted one) to every image which we are using on our website.

Next is Your Site need to be Image Optimized with Less Sized Images, So that Images loads Faster when somebody clicks on your blog post hence, User Experience becomes good by this.

If You wanted to do Optimize Images of your Blog Posts, then

Read my this Post:


This helps in Compressing your WordPress Images.

8. Internal Linking

Internal Linking means how much you are linking your other posts to current post which you are writing.

This is very much helpful in spending user’s time on your website. With the help of this technique user Spent a lot of time of your website and surfs only your site if he likes what you’re writing, So write Quality Content. In OnPage SEO Technique, Internal linking plays a key role in optimization.

Try to user Hyperlinks, but be very careful not to over do this. Internal linking is relevant and shows that you’re providing more extra things to the user.

For Example: I’m doing Internal linking in this way.

Read Also: 


9. External Linking

Apart from Internal linking in your own blog posts, there should be external linking also. It’s very good thinking to links other sites also in your blog. Add those links information which are required for your blog.

Also, you should link trusted websites only. If you’re using Yoast SEO, it will show you how many normal links and Nofollow links(less trustworthy) in your current post. Same as Internal Linking, External Linking Plays an important role in Onpage SEO Technique.

Major trusted sites could be,, these could be your major supporters in gathering information.

10. Write Quality content(Engaging one)

Don’t write low-grade Quality Content. Always Say No to this type of content because google doesn’t like that at all.

Your post should be the engaging one. Your post should be i should say a complete manual book for that keyword. That’s why Google Like a Quality Content from the scratch.

You should know how to engage with your audience, try to talk with them in between of post. Try to ask Question. Answer their Questions in comments. If you’re not doing this, people won’t spend much time on your blog.

You must my post on this specific topic:



Now I’m here going to show you OnPage SEO Technique CheckList:

This is to just about whether or not you’re doing everything to rank better in google search engine.

Positives(Things To do):

  • Use Long Tail focus Keyword(Try to not to use stop words).
  • Use Keyword in Blog Post title, slug, and also in Meta Description.
  • Remove dates if posts are for long time.
  • At least 300-400 words per post.
  • At the End always ask for feedback.

Negatives(Things Not to do):

  • Don’t put H1 tag more than once(Your Blog post title).
  • Don’t Repeat H2 and H3 tag more than once at same place.
  • Don’t Use Fluffy Contents.

Keywords Placement:

  • In title(title should be not more than 65 characters)
  • Permalink or Slug
  • Meta-Description(Description should not be more than 150 characters)
  • First and last Paragraph(Necessary)
  • Image title and Alt Tags
  • Use of LSI keywords (H1,H2,H3)
  • 1.5% keyword Density

More To Do:

  • Remove all Stop words Permalinks or Slug
  • Optimize images(Use WP SMUSH it)
  • Optimize page loading speed
  • Add video links, Slides graphs
  • Internal and External Linking
  • Add Facebook, twitter etc links, Social buttons.


So Guys, I answered you as you’ve asked How to Improve Google Search Rankings? Through OnPage SEO Technique, this whole thing can be done.

Also, There is no easy work to go with and You can not Trick Google.

It’s Giant, and have number of algorithms and experts who are dealing with this kind of stuff from years.

I’m Sure you will not be having a doubt how to rank on top in Google search. But, if there is any then feel free to ask me anything in the Comments.

Also, If you know more anything new about Onpage SEO Technique. Don’t forget to Share with us.

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