Do I need a SSL Certificate For My Website ?

What is WordPress SSL Certificate ? How SSL Works ? Do I need a SSL Certificate for my Website ? These are few questions that always come in our mind.

Well I wrote this post because I felt that Bloggers don’t know about SSL much. I tried to completely sum up all points that are required to know before purchasing SSL Certificate for your Blog or Website.

What is WordPress SSL Certificate ?

What is SSL Certificate

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer.  It is also called Digital Certificates . They are used to establish secure encrypted connection between server ( Website ) and Browser’s Computer .

SSL protects sensitive information such as credit card details , passwords and information you exchange on that website.

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We wrote a full detailed article to better understand you guys.

Do I need SSL for My Blog ?

  • Protect Sensitive Information –

    Purpose of using SSL Certificate in WordPress Sites is Privacy and Security. You send information on Internet & passed from computer to computer before reaching you. So , Any computer between can  see your information & misuse it.

    Hence , It is very important to encrypt that information which can be possible only if we enable http .

  • To Gain Trust –

    For Users , Web Browsers use Green Lock Icons to ensure visitors that website is trusted & connection is secured. Visitors want to browse only secured websites to make sure that their information does not pass to any other sites. It also protects from Phishing Emails . They are send by criminals who want to take control of your website.

  • Authentication

    It also ensures that information is being sent to right server . This thing is only possible by using Public Key Infrastructure ( PKI ) and using SSL certificate from SSL providers which are trusted.

  • Credentials –

    When a Web Browser connects to a server , the server sends identification information to browser. If you want to view identification info , Click on closed green padlock in window of browser and all info will be shown.

  • Extend Protection beyond HTTPS –

    It will not only protect your site . But also performs malware scanning which helps to provide your visitors a safe browsing experience.


How to Enable HTTPS ?

How to Enable http

For Setup Https on your website .. Just Follow these 5 Steps :

  • Dedicated IP Address Hosting
  • Purchase a Certificate
  • Certificate Activation
  • Certification Installation
  • Use HTTPS after updating your site

You can purchase SSL Certificate from many SSL providers. But make sure that provider is trusted and reliable .  It can cost you little. But You can also go for free SSL providers .

But Always Remember ,  Free SSL is not that much secure than paid one obviously.

Paid SSL Providers are :

  1. Go Daddy
  2. Symantec
  3. Comodo SSL Certificate
  4. Verisign
  5. Geotrust , etc

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How SSL Works

This is the info graphic made by WP Beginner which made us clear how does ssl work or how ssl certificate works.

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Things to Know Before Buying SSL Certificate :

Encryption Level

Various levels of encryption are available in market . For accepting debit cards /credit cards details , you should have minimum 128 Bit SSL Certificate.

Dedicated SSL or Shared SSL
  • Shared SSL – These are not recommended option for E- Commerce Sites because of security issues . Usually they are free . They don’t have any support
  • Dedicated SSL – We have to purchase it . It’s never free . But user owns it completely . No Security issues. They have full support.
SSL Provider

Many Companies are selling SSL Certificates. Not all can be trusty and reliable . Choose always wisely before buying anything from any company.

If You are running an E commerce site , Specially you have to take care that Buy SSL from only trust worthy sites .Example – Comodo , GeoTrust , etc.

It’s very important to have dedicated IP . So that your IP address can be linked to your WordPress SSL Certificate . But Now , It is no longer required if we are using shared hosting .

SNI ( Server Name Indication is used to offer SSL Certificates on Shared Hosting . This allows server to give multiple certificates on same IP & Port No.

If You are using Shared Hosting , There can be some issues possible  :

  • Certificate Mismatch Error
  • Not compatible with old browser version , etc.

Minimum period or tenure for purchasing SSL Certificate is 1 Year. You can choose more if you want.

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Conclusion :

So , This was all about How SSL Works ? What is SSL Certificate ? and Do I need an SSL Certificate for my Website ?.

I hope that this article cleared your every doubts regarding SSL . For any Queries , You can contact to us at any time.

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