About Us

What Blogday is all about?

Blogdway welcomes you to Our Blog for Blogging Tips, Search Engine Optimization, Hosting & WordPress Tricks, Marketing, Affiliate Programs & Vlogging. 

This Blog can help your Website/ Blog to stand out among your competitors. We will provide you all information about Blogging & Vlogging.

Before Telling you who we are and How we Started Blogging. We want to tell some facts about Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is a complete term for online marketing efforts. As of March 2017, 49.7% of the population is on the internet. ( For More Reference )

Hence, Power of Internet is increasing. We are living in a time where technology is changing our lives. Every thing is getting digital.

Don’t Worry if You are not digital Yet. This is high time You start working towards this digital world. You can go for Online Business, Make a Blog/ Website ( Single vs. Multiple Niche Blogs ), Run a Youtube Channel or Learn these Skills to get a Job for Posts such as SEO Executive, Digital Marketer, Content Writing or much more.

Our Aim

From Experience of Our 2 Years Blogging Journey, We felt that we should contribute something good towards society by providing them all Knowledge We have gained so far. Yes, It requires a lot of hard work. But We are ready to take that pain for helping New Bloggers especially.

I’m sure if you will be with us then this Website is going to help everyone. Our team members are Part time Bloggers & incredibly working hard to make this site updated.

Our Journey Towards Blogging

The Story of this blog is kind of complicated because We didn’t just think of a Blog name, Register the domain name and start it. It’s more than that because it was our first blog.

We just simply started Blogging as Multi Niche Blog. ( My Biggest Mistake ) We started writing about different things. But we failed badly.

Then We came to Know about Search Engine Optimization & Digital Marketing. The Real Passion in between us begins from here.

Later on, We understood, It is just more than writing something and publishing, it’s a medium to share quality information, We realized people from all over the world read my blog posts and We should take it seriously. Because a single mistake on my side, may practically mess up someone’s knowledge.

And Changed Our Blog Niche to a Particular One i.e. Blogging Tips , WordPress , SEO, Hosting & Vlogging.

‘Blogging’ is a tool or weapon which can change the world, or, at least, a person’s life.

Team of Blogdway

  • Surbhi Pahwa – She is currently working as AGD Developer in DXC Technology, formerly Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. Her Skills are Python, Core Java, Search Engine Optimization. She is Passionate about Dancing & Blogging.
  • Akshay Jullia – He is Blogger, Freelancer & Maintains Many Web sites. His skills are Design & Development, SEO, PHP & Python. He is someone who doesn’t want to stop.

Services We Provide

We also Provide few services online such as:

  • Website Development
  • WordPress & Hosting Setup
  • Logo Designing
  • Video Editing
  • Article/ Content Writing or Writers
  • Android App Development ( Coming Up Service )
  • E-Commerce Website using Shopify

You can email us at buildbinary@gmail.com for these Services or visit Binary Build Services

Tips From Us:

Guys, Seriously Blogging requires passion, patience, Skills of Content Writing, SEO Knowledge- Both Off Page and On Page. Don’t get Demotivate If You are not getting much traffic – Just Try to Find Out your mistakes and Learn from them. I have earned my 1$ From Google Ad-sense after 7 Months.

Things were little complicated, but the more and more I loved Blogging , So, zeal to Get at number 1. is also increasing.

So, Stay Motivated and Learn New Things and Apply them.

Hope , You will like our Blog and Learn Something From it.

For Any Queries, Feel Free to  Contact Us .

Start From Here, Take your First Step and Make a Blog. 🙂