Best and Cheap SSL Certificates for Websites and Blogs

Hey Guys, Today We are going to tell you about Best & Cheap SSL Certificates Providers. In our Previous Article, We have already explained these points:

  • What is SSL Certificate?
  • Do You need SSL for your Blog/Website?
  • How to Enable HTTPS?
  • How SSL Works?

If you haven’t read it before, Refer this All Facts About SSL Certificates.

Don’t worry, I will repeat few things about SSL from the previous blog post & add many concepts also such as Brief Introduction to SSL Certificates, Why to Use SSL, Overview of Different Types of SSL Certificates and in the last List of 6  Best Cheap SSL Certificates that you can buy or renew for your website or blog.

Introduction to SSL Certificates

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a standard security protocol used to authenticates and encrypts data transmissions between clients and servers. SSL certificates are an integral part of website security. Such Certificates are used to create a Secure Encrypted Connection between Browser & Server.

SSL Certificates are used for following:

  • Protecting Sensitive Information such as Passwords, Credit Card Details, etc.
  • To ensure safe browsing Experience for Visitors
  • Protect Visitors from Man in Middle Attack
  • Send Information to Authenticated Server & Much More

You can Purchase SSL Certificates from either SSL Certificates Authorities or authorized SSL provider & use them to enable http on your Website.

To Know, How SSL Works, You can Refer below Infographic or Read the Article I mentioned above.

How SSL Works

Also, Read:

Why to use SSL?

SSL Certificates ensure that all transactions on your Website are encrypted & secure. It also secures your Website from Man In The Middle (MITM) attack.

Google consider SSL certificates to be very important for Websites & You will also see a positive boost in Number of Visitors coming to your Website.

It secures Single Domain, Multiple Domains & Even Sub-Domains.

It is very important to build Trust in your Customers/ Visitors. Especially If you have a website which involves any kind of Transaction or sharing of Personal Information.

Will You Buy Some Product From a Company which doesn’t have a Secure Website?

Obviously, No.

Every Customer wants their Personal Information to be safe. It’s Your duty to protect your Customer Identity & data transaction as well.

I have recently written an article about How to Get SSL Certificates Free of Cost. Because Everyone Loves Free Stuff. But these Free SSL Certificates don’t provide you any guarantee about Security & Compatibility.

Hence, It is worth spending Money Over it. Now, Problem came Many New Bloggers don’t have that many earnings or Budget.

Don’t Worry Guys, I will provide you List of 6 Best Cheap SSL Certificates that ensures 100% Security.

Different types of SSL Certificates

Several types of SSL Certificates grouped into two Categories:

  1. Number of Secured Domains/ Sub-Domains
  2. Validation Level

Based on Secured Domains, Types of SSL Certificates are:

  • Single Domain SSL Certificate

    Secure only a Single Hostname. For Example, You can secure with it. But You can’t use it to secure

  • Wildcard SSL Certificate

    It can secure single Domain along with unlimited Sub Domains. It means By using Wildcard SSL, you can secure & both.

  • Multi Domain SSL Certificate

    Multi-Domain SSL certs also referred to as SAN Certificates, and it can secure all your different domains & sub domains.

Based on Validation Level, Types of SSL Certificates are:

  • Domain Validation SSL

    For this Certificate, You need to validate ownership of your domain. It is cheapest SSL Certificate & can be used for small business websites or Blogs where security is not an important issue. ( Like My Blog )

  • Organization Validation SSL

    For OV SSL Certificate, You need to validate Domain Ownership & some Organization information. It is min. suggestion for E-Commerce Web sites. The main difference between DV & OV SSL is validation is done by Certificate Authority. Requires more time to Activate & better than Domain Validation.

  • Extended Validation SSL

    EV SSL certificates are best Certificates for the transaction. EV certificates require a strict authentication process.Useful for Banking, Finance, E-Commerce Sites & provides Popular Green HTTPS Address Bar.

List of Cheap SSL Certificates

Now, Let’s Move to our Main Topic Cheap SSL Certificates where you can find Cheap SSL certificates from authorized SSL certificates provider.

Comodo SSL Certificates

comodo cheap ssl certificate

Comodo SSL guarantees the highest possible encryption levels for online transactions. Each SSL certificate is signed with NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)  recommended 2048 bit signatures and provides up to 256-bit encryption of customer data.

Comodo SSL certificates are available to secure single domain, Multi-Domains, and Sub-domains.

Single Domain SSL Certificate starts at $8.95 per year.

But If you purchase it for 3 years you can get Comodo Positive SSL at $4.95/yr by applying the coupon code at Cheap SSL Shop.

Few Benefits of Using Comodo:

  • Money Back Guarantee for 30 Days
  • Warranty USD $10,000 and above
  • Unlimited Server License
  • 99.9% browser recognition

Price: $4.95 and above.

You can visit SSL provider’s website for different types of Comodo SSL Certificates

RapidSSL Certificates

RapidSSL Certificate

For a Website that sells products online or Accepts User Registration & Information, then RapidSSL also a great option for you.

It also provides up to 256-bit encryption.  RapidSSL single domain certificate starts at $7 / year & Wildcard SSL Certificate starts at $71.67 / yr.

Easy Renew Option is also available in RapidSSL.

Price: $7 and above

For Visit link to find Cheap RapidSSL Certificates

GeoTrust SSL Certificates

Geotrust ssl certificate

GeoTrust is very famous for providing SSL Certificates at low cost. All SSL certificates from GeoTrust guarantees you strong encryption with the 2048-bit root certificate.

These are also compatible for Mobile Web Browsers. Basic SSL License (QuickSSL Premium) starts from $35 per year on 3 years validity purchase and comes with $500,000 USD warranty. You can buy this certificate at $31.5/yr using the coupon code.

For securing online transactions, you have to buy GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium and above packages.

Price: $31.5/yr and above

Let’s check various types of GeoTrust SSL Certificates

Thawte SSL Certificates

Thawate SSL Certificate

You can purchase Thawte SSL123 certificate to secure your single domain at just $26 per year. You can buy this certificate at $23.4/yr using the coupon code. It takes 10 minutes only for the certificate to be issued. You can protect your single website, software, and sub-domains with Thawte SSL certificates.  Also, you can use Thawte Trusted Site seal on your website and unlimited free reissues.

  • 15-Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Warranty: $500,000 and above
  • Best for single domain, E-commerce site, forum and blog

Price: $23.4/yr and above

Let’s find out different types of Cheapest Thawte SSL Certificates

GlobalSign SSL Certificates

globalsign ssl certificate

GlobalSign SSL Certificates are ideal for any size of Enterprises. It provides 2048-bit encryption, which highest encryption up till now. Even these certificates offer additional SAN support (up to 100) at extra cost. You can get GlobalSign SSL certificates from $156.33 per year on 3 years validity purchase. You can get it at $117.25/yr using the coupon code.

  • Quick Issuance SSL certificate
  • $10,000 WARRANTY and Above
  • It supports both WWW and NON-WWW domains
  • Netcraft’s Phishing alert: Prevents from the phishing attacks and virus attacks
  • Unlimited Reissuance at free of cost in case of server crash, loss of keys during certificate lifespan

Price: $117.25/ year and above

Let’s browse difference types of cheapest GlobalSign SSL Certificates

Symantec SSL Certificates

symantec ssl certificate

Symantec Company has already provided us Best Anti Virus Softwares. They also provide Best SSL Certificates to secure website by following either organization validation or extended validation method. You can get Symantec SSL certificate from $236.55 per year using the coupon code on 3 years validity.

  •  Free of cost Norton Secured Seal
  • Warranty up to $1750K amount
  •  30 days money back guarantee
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Vulnerability Assessment

Price: $236.55 per year and above

Let’s check out various types of Symantec SSL Certificates


I hope now You can find Best Cheap SSL Certificates for Your Website/Blog at low cost.

We will keep updating prices, links & discounts.So, Stay Tuned with us by Subscribing us or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter for direct offers.


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