6 Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins For Affiliate Marketing

Do you use Affiliate Marketing? Are you looking for Affiliate Marketing Plugins? Here, We will share 6 Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins that will help you in Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a form of marketing where you generate some revenue or commission when the person buys a product you referred.

This Revenue can vary between $1-$10,000 or more depending on the product you are promoting or affiliate program.

We will explain Affiliate Marketing in detail in the coming blog posts.

But Now our focus is on How can you maximize earning potential as an Affiliate Marketer?

If you are thinking to use Affiliate Programs & links on your blog or website, You definitely need Best WordPress affiliate plugins also.

Let’s Explore Affiliate Marketing Plugins for WordPress.

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List of Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins

1. Thirsty Affiliates

Thirsty Affiliates - Affiliate wordpress plugin

This is the Best WordPress Affiliate Plugin as it allows to easily manage your affiliate links within your blog. You can sort links of affiliate programs into categories & properly organize them.

You can see how links you used are performing on your blog & can even add Links inside posts, auto-linking or clock links.

It is completely free to use. You just have to pay for add-ons such as Geolocation, Google Link tracking, auto-linker, etc.

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2. Amazon Product In a Post Plugin

amazon product in a post plugin

Free Plugin for Amazon affiliates. It will allow you to add Amazon products to your website & inside posts. This plugin uses  Amazon Product Advertising API.

For using this plugin, You need an Amazon Affiliate account. After installing the plugin, just enter your Amazon Associate ID and Access Keys in the plugin options page.

You are ready to go!

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3. Adsanity

adsanity best affiliate marketing tools


AdSanity is a light Ad management plugin for WordPress. It allows the user to create and manage ads & affiliate campaigns show on a site and keep statistics on views and clicks.

Admins can call up custom statistics for selected ads in a defined date range. It allows two publishing options – infinite or date-based & 2 custom Ad Group Widgets.

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4. WP Auto Affiliate Links

WP Auto Affiliate Links best ad management plugin

Auto Affiliate Links add affiliate links into content automatically. If you don’t want to add links automatically, manual settings are also available.

Also, you can make the links no follow or do follow, to open in new page or same page and to cloak links.

It associates links with keywords, So Web crawlers list these keywords in search engine.

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5. EasyAzon

EasyAzon Plugin is one of Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins, especially for Amazon Affiliates.

Features of EasyAzon are:

  • Link Localization – This is a Most powerful feature as if you come from India, it will redirect you to Amazon India Website & so on for other countries for which this feature is supported.
  • All you need is WordPress dashboard to manage everything.
  • You will also get access to our Amazon Affiliate Training.
  • Add to Cart Feature – Let Visitors add products directly to Cart & it definitely increases the chances of getting revenue by 30 more days.
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6. SkimLinks

SkimLinks quickly adds affiliate links in your blog post. It is really good for Tech Bloggers to monetize their content. But you have to sign up for SkimLinks.


  • Earn From RSS Feed
  • Easy to install
  • Increase your click-through rates
  • SkimLinks Affiliate Marketing Tool
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Few More Ad Management Plugins are:

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We hope this article will help you find out Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins for your Website or Blog.

You can also check On Page SEO Techniques to follow to be on First Page of Google.

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