How To Get Free SSL Certificate For WordPress Using CloudFlare (for non-techies)

Hello Reader, how’re you doing today, Hope doing well! Today, Our Guide is for “How To Get Free SSL Certificate for WordPress Using CloudFlare“. This will be the simplest tutorial ever you got on Free SSL Certificate.

Previously, Switching to HTTPS from HTTP was quite expensive for the users. They have to pay a lot of money to SSL providers online or to their Hosting providers to buy SSL Certificate for their Websites. Not only this was Headache but they need to install that SSL certificate by themselves. As they need to be protected from hackers, they have to buy those costly SSL Certificates.

Also, Google has announced that it’ll be counting SSL or HTTPS as a ranking factor in their search results now. Hence, It’s also very important to add SSL certificate to your website. That also means if you will be using HTTPS, it will be going to increase the chances of Google ranking you higher in its search results.

Now, we all know What SSL Certificate does for our website. Right? An SSL Certificate Basically creates a secure connection from a web server to the web browser. It helps us in securing our transaction from third-party.

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Apart of paid SSL Certificates, there are many companies who are providing free SSL certificate also. The Free SSL certificate is also very good for your website if your website is not having many transactions ongoing. Popular Companies which provides Free SSL Certificate: CloudFlare and Letsencrypt etc. In This tutorial, we will be using Cloudflare free SSL certificate because its very easy to setup. Also, LetsEncrypt SSL certificate a bit Difficult to setup.

Simply Follow My each and every step to Add free SSL certificate for WordPress site.

How To Get Free SSL Certificate For WordPress

Step 1: Here, you first need to go to Cloudflare’s website i.e Sign Up to your new Account from top right corner.

Step 2: Now, At the top of the right corner there will “+Add site” option Or there will direct adding domain option in front of you as shown below. Simply add your website URL without http://www.

Click on Scan DNS records.

Step 3: After this Click to “Continue”

Step 4: A data will be given to you by Cloudflare as shown below. Simply Click to “Continue” again.

Step 5: Now, You have to select your Free SSL certificate Plan. Choose “Free Website” and Click Continue.

Step 6: Now it will show you your “new Nameservers”. Replace your new nameservers with the old one and click to continue.

Step 7: When you’ve updated your new nameservers, you can also check the status if they active or not. Now from the TOP Menus, Click on “Crypto and In SSL section Choose Flexible” as shown below.

Now, if your status is Initialising SSL or Something like this, then it may take up to 2 hours to activate a Flexible SSL for you. You need to check again and again for active state of SSL. But the status is “Active”(Under the Flexible in above picture it will show Green) as shown below. That means your SSL certificate is active now.

Now, your free SSL certificate is Active for your Website. But not fully.

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Important Plugins To Activate SSL Certificate and To Work It Smoothly

As I said, your Free SSL Certificate is not in a condition right now to work Smoothly. If you’re not Doing these Steps then it might Create problems for you and an Error Could be their i.e “previous links are not opening properly or err_too_many_redirects”. These errors can create many problems for you. So Required Plugins are:

1. CloudFlare Flexible SSL Plugin

This Plugin is very much essential for enabling your Free Cloudflare SSL certificate on WordPress and this plugin will be preventing “Infinite Redirect Loops” when loading under CloudFlare’s Flexible SSL system. You don’t need to do any settings for this plugin.

Download Plugin

2. Really Simple SSL

All this plugin need is an SSL certificate, rest it will do itself. This plugin basically automatically detects your settings and configure your website to run over HTTPS. This plugin is very lightweight and make the entire site to move to SSL with just one Click. If this plugin says error (like .htaccess file is not writable or something) then go in plugin settings and enable WordPress 301 redirection to SSL.

Dashbaord Settings >> SSL >> Settings >> Enable WordPress 301 redirection to SSL.

Download Plugin

You can easily find these plugins in WordPress Repository.

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Some CloudFlare Settings and We are Done

Step 1: Go back to CloudFlare Select your Domain, In Top row of “blue menus“, Find out “Page rules” Click on it. Click on “Create a Page Rule“.

Step 2: Write your Domain name in between of two asterisks, Set SSL and Select Flexible option as shown below. And Click to Save and Deploy.

Change your Website Domain Settings from WordPress Dashboard

Now, Change the Settings from HTTP to HTTPS manually as shown below and that’s it you’re done.

Check your Website will be working on a Free SSL certificate smoothly.

Now that’s all for today, How I activated my Website’s free SSL certificate, I had explained it to you in this article.

If you find any problem with this method, then ask me in the comments section.

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