My mom is not my best friend

A daughter’s relationship with her mother is very simple and lovable because mother has already gone through phases that a daughter have to in her life.But most difficult part is when she saw her child making wrong choices.At the end whether you like ,dislike,love or hate your mother.She will always be there to comfort you and become your strength in all problems.

Same with my story.I born in a well-educated family where my mom belongs to a family near a village where my maternal grandfather did a lot of hard work in farming and he was the most respectable person at that time and my maternal grandmother is a very strong lady .After her husband’s death she took care of all farms,her school and kids alone and completed all her responsibilities so well.

A daughter’s first inspiration is always her mother

Well,you can say I am connected to very inspiring family.Thanks to god’s grace.

Now ,same things are expected from me or my parents always wishe that i will make them proud,i will become a good daughter and i will not do anything wrong.
She is doing what all mothers should but apart from that she is a very special one for me because she don’t want to waste my time or indulge in home related work.Although she wants me to learn all things that a lady should know(I am still trying my best in that).Her passion for my studies and all co-curricular activities-she wants me to learn everything whether its taekwando,swimming, speaking ,writing,fashion,dance everything that she can’t do or she was not having platform at that time.

I still remember when i met with an accident,you loved and cared me so much before that i didn’t know this i am so important for you.Sometimes i really think that my mother doesn’t care for me.She is not modern.She don’t let me enjoy my life.She behaves like a big detective…etc etc..
All this because she don’t like that i hang out with boys or use mobile phone every-time and may be clothes i want to wear .She thinks about society at that time ,not me.

Sorry mom for thinking wrong at that time for you.I know you just want to protect me from all the things that can affect my reputation and hurt me.But there are many things i want to do and with your help and i hope so it will happen someday.And that’s the reason we couldn’t become best friends.I could not share with you what exactly is in my mind,what exactly i want because i have a fear to get wrong-judged by you and loose your trust.

I love when you make my favorite food for me all the time the way i like whether anyone other likes it or not and specially attention you gave me at my worst days and during my exams.I love when no one else can know that i am crying or i am not fine and you just look at me and say are you alright,what happen.

The things you learn for me so that i can easily learn them and when you come to me and say please tell me how to use this phone and after so questions i lost my patience and don’t tell you.Sorry mom for being not so good daughter.

I am waiting for a day I can be your bestfriend and share all the things with you with all love because no one can take place of yours and no one could ever maintain this friendship better than you.
Love you mom


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