Privacy Policy

This Privacy policy tells we use information from the different users of website, simply maintain it, or how to modify data. It is applied to all the parts of website.

Non-Personal Identification Information:

This website may contain many kind of non personal information of the users when they use this website. It does not tells the user’s identificaton. This information is
to make the experience of the user peaceful. The non-personal information can also include the name of operating system and internet service provider, name of browser,
IP address and other such information.

Personal Identification Information:

This website may contain private information of the users like name, phone no, email-id or any other personal information through comments or from any other place.
Blogdway confirms that this information will not be used for any purpose to connect to the user or will not be shared to the third party. The user can use the website
same way even if user don’t want to tell its personal information.

Use of Your Information:

Information that will be submitted at the time of registration or comments may be used for promotional purposes or marketing by Blogdway. We may also use information
about how our users use the Website, which search terms are entered, pages that are visited the most and articles viewed. This information will be uniquely number
identifiable, and is used for purposes of providing good experience to users.

Children Privacy Act:

There is nothing profaned that will attract children under the age of 13 on the website. We don’t accept any kind of information from a child under age of 13 without
the approval of parents or guardian.

Use of Cookies:

Cookies don’t contain any personal information. It is used to make use of the website faster and more accessible. They are stored to enhance the surfing experience as
it loads the page faster.You can also refuse this option it won’t have any affect on using the website.

Links to Other Web Sites:

Blogdway may provide links to other Web sites for providing information. But It is not responsible for the privacy policy of the other sites. The organisations that
manages the other sites are responsible themselves for the content of their sites, or any services they are offering through their sites, or any other use also.You
should review other website’s privacy policy if you visit them for your convenience.

Protection of Information:

Security of the information is our first concern. We don’t provide access of information to any third party. We used as best as possible security system to safe the
information from unauthorized access.

Changes or Updates to Privacy Policy:

If needed, has the right to made changes in its Privacy Policy. We will notify the users about the changes in privacy policy. But it’s the user
responsibility also to be aware of the notifications of changes and to check and read privacy policy again.

Terms Acceptance:

By using this website “”, You agree to accept our privacy policy. If you don’t accept our terms of service then you should not visit this site.

For Contact:

If you have any queries, issues or question regarding our privacy policy or any thing related to website You can contact us upon
We will try to response you as fast as we can.