11 Amazing Telegram Messenger Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Hello, Reader! Today, we’re going to talk about Telegram Messenger. You guys might be aware of the fact that “Telegram Messenger” is one the fastest messengers available out there right now. Telegram Messenger is not just used for Chit-Chat with your relatives, friends or family. If you love this app, then you must learn the best of Telegram Messenger Tips & Tricks.

In This guide, I’ll tell you some of the amazing Telegram Messenger Tips & Tricks. So, stay tuned with me and read this whole article.

11 Amazing Telegram Messenger Tips & Tricks

1. Manage the Media Downloads

Telegram Messenger allows you to manage media downloads, it lets you send and accept media files up to 1.5 GB. Also, you don’t want that your Mobile data becomes exhausted while downloading such a big file.

You can easily set the Automatic Media Downloads, you can set whether you want to use Wi-Fi or Mobile Data for Automatic Downloading files. For this, You need to go to Settings >> Data and Storage >> Automatic Media Downloads.

You can also Check the Disk and Network Usage very easily from the below section.

2. Set Custom Notifications and Sounds

Telegram Messenger allows you to set custom notifications tune for each of your contacts. Also, if you’re having a notification light in your Android Mobile, you can even set LED color.

For setting Custom Notifications, You need to visit any of your Contact’s profile >> Tap on Notifications >> Customize >> Tap Enable Custom Notifications >> LED.

Not only LED, you can also change features for that particular contact like (Pop-up Notifications, Voice calls).


3. Find Users by Usernames

One of the most interesting tricks of Telegram Messenger is that you can chat with anyone if you’re aware of his/her ‘Username’. No need of Phone numbers now, you only need the Username of that person. This isn’t compulsory to create Username but still, if you want one then you can so that anyone can find you easily with just a username easily. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

For Finding any person by username, you need to just tap on the search button. You can find this button or icon on the top right corner of your App’s home screen as shown below.


4. Group with 10k Members

Can you believe this? You have a messenger in which you can add 10k members. Obviously, for my personal use, this feature is totally waste but I have not seen such a Messenger which can give you this feature.

You can easily make a group by tapping on Left side top Custom Menu >> New Group.


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5. Set Self-Destruct Timer (In Secret Chats only)

Telegram Messenger has a feature in Secret chats, which allows us to self-destruct our content when the time period runs out. You can set a timer on this chat like 1 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec, 1 min, 10 min etc. Another thing which is interesting, that it does not allows us to take a screenshot of chat.

For Activating Self-Destruct Timer, Go to the Secret chat(any of your contact) >> You’ll see 3 dots on the top right corner, click on them >> Select Self-Destruct Timer >> Set Time >> Hit Done.


6. Share Huge Files to iCloud (for iPhone Users)

In other Messengers, you can only send photos and videos up to a certain limit. Telegram Messenger allows you to Store your large files on cloud storage. Just Sign in to your account and save large files in your cloud.

7. Search Inside Chats (Search Messages)

We all have long conversations with our friends, colleagues, or family members. This could be any important message, you might be wanted to read your older messages but the message would be way back in time somewhere. Here is the shortcut, You need to just search that message if you know it. You don’t need to write the whole message in search, just write what you remember and the relevant results would be shown on your screen.

To do Searching in messages, You need to go to Chat >> On the Top Right Corner, Hit three Dots >> Tap on Search.


8. Set Passwords on Chats

When I started using Chat Messengers like WhatsApp etc, I found the lack of security there because anybody can read my messages. I mean, What if I don’t want to let anybody read my messages. Right?

Telegram Messenger lets you do this without any third-party app. Isn’t it great? Yeah, I found this pretty cool that we can lock our personal chats.

For setting Password Lock, Go to Settings >> Privacy and Security >> Password Lock >> Enable it >> Set PIN code. Now, You need to set Auto-lock which will automatically lock your chats after some time. Also, When you close your App and when you re-open it, the App will be asking for a PIN code to you.


9. Make Channel (Broadcasting)

Telegram Messenger allows broadcasting widely to many people. Telegram Messenger name this feature as ‘Channel’. You might want to send ‘Happy New Year’ or Any Announcement to your friends, colleagues, relatives etc, this feature can help you a lot.

To make a Channel, You need to tap on icon Bottom-Right of you App Home screen >> New Channel >> Continue >> Enter Channel name and Description >> Make Channel Public (Enter Link Also) or Private >> Hit done from top right corner.


10. Emoji Shortcuts For Stickers

There is a cool trick of Telegram Messenger app which won’t be knowing if you’re not a daily emoji keypad user. Actually, You can send Stickers from the Emoji Keypad.

Telegram Messenger developers have linked some stickers with the Emojis which looks similar. So when you choose that emoji, it will pop-up a small Sticker Panel which will show similar Stickers to that Emoji as shown below.


11. Preview Photos and Edit Them

This is my favorite among all. If you want to send photos to your friend or anybody, then by previewing any of your pic from gallery within Messenger itself you can edit photos very easily as shown below.


So, I hope you’re ready to do all of these Telegram Messenger Tips & Tricks in your App. Give them a shot and Let us know if you found another trick in the comment section. We’ll be happy to know that.

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